What Are the Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement?

Trenchless Sewer Repair

What comes to mind when you think about major home plumbing repairs? Do you see a long, difficult process that displaces you out of your own home? Do you get visions of large equipment camped out in your yard, or at least what’s left of it when they get through? Do you see money flying out the window? All of these responses are completely understandable, since this is how sewer repair used to be – a complicated, drawn-out, expensive process that seemed to be more trouble than it was worth.
That was then, this is now. Thankfully, many improvements have been made in the sewer line repair and replacement process. A method called trenchless sewer line replacement has completely revolutionized the plumbing industry. You no longer have to fear losing your yard to an enormous trench while costing you a fortune and making your home temporarily unusable.
Trenchless technology enables your pipes to be repaired or replaced through only one or two small holes, rather than a large trench that ruins your yard. The process involves a flexible tube that is coated in a liquid resin and inserted into the existing pipe. This tube is then inflated into place and allowed to harden. Once the tube hardens, it becomes a new pipe within the old one. Its diameter is slightly smaller, but this will not affect flow or performance.

Trenchless sewer lining has many advantages over the traditional method for many reasons, including:

•Drastically Less Digging

Gone are the days of the huge, landscape-killing trench that used to be the norm for sewer repair. Your plumber only needs a small access hole to perform the pipe replacement and your yard can remain almost completely intact.

•Cost Savings

Since there is no large trench to be dug, you will not need a large crew of specialized workers or the heavy equipment needed to dig the trench. This translates to tremendous savings on labor costs for you.

•Seamless New Pipes

Because of the way they are installed, your new pipes will not have any seams or joints that can come apart or be broken or form leaks. This is a big advantage over traditional pipes since it prevents problems such as root intrusion damaging your pipes, as well as giving you far less chance of cracks or leaks.


Fortunately, almost any kind of sewer system can use the trenchless method of pipe line replacement. Whether your pipes are old, corroded, cracked or leaking, a pipe liner can correct the problem and help regain your system’s functionality. Your plumbing professional can assess the situation and recommend a plan for the repairs.
Sewer line replacement no longer has to be the nightmare it once was. Through the technology of trenchless line repair, you can have the necessary repairs and/or replacements made and be back up and running in no time. This is especially valuable if you have a family depending on you. Contact your local plumbing professional for an evaluation of your home’s current system and a recommended plan of action. This is not something you want to put off, especially if you are noticing problems with flow or backup issues. Tackle the problems now before they become bigger and more expensive to remedy. It is important to the value and safety of your home as well as the safety and well-being of you and your family. Try trenchless today and be up and running again tomorrow!

Knowing When It’s Time To Replace Your Drains

Drain Repairing

Despite the best efforts of contractors and home owners, plumbing breaks and needs to be replaced. One of the first areas to give concern in any home are the drains. Replacing them can quickly run into hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are two simple steps you can take to ensure their lifespan and prevent a large repair and replacement bill.
First, check to see what your drain lines are made of. The two most common types of pipe in place are cast iron and polyvinyl chloride. If you’re scratching your head, it’s common name is PVC.
Cast iron is not used as much now, but it lasts for a long time and is still preferred by some home owners and contractors. Drain lines using CIPP are good for anywhere.
PVC is the most common type used in homes built over the last two decades. It is lighter and cheaper than cast iron but still resists cracking and penetration from tree roots very well. Drain lines made from PVC are considered solid for at least twenty-five to forty years.
For the drains that you cannot see, the realtor you purchased your home from might have the information. If not, you’ll need to hire a plumber to come in for a one-time inspection. This is a good idea to have accomplished whenever you consider buying a home.
Those are the considered the average lifespans. With a little care and maintenance, cast iron and PVC can last for many more years than what is listed above. The only reason that either system would fall short of their averages (other than physical damage) is the presence of hard water. The mineral content accelerates rust and corrosion.
If you do have hard water, the most efficient way to reduce the effects of mineral content buildup in your drains is the use of a commercial softener. One that is salt-free is more environmentally friendly and has the same effects as one with salt. Finally, if you catch a very foul odor coming from any of your drains, there’s a good chance that the sediment buildup has gotten past the point where a simple cleanout will do any good.
The next step is to check for leaks on a regular basis. If your home was constructed before 1960, it’s probably a good idea to make this an annual inspection. Don’t stop with the bathroom and kitchen sinks either. Make certain to check the laundry and utility rooms, the basement if you have one and every crawlspace that you can comfortably get into or at least can clearly see with a good flashlight.
Look for the following signs of corrosion in each drain pipe: Discoloration and flaking on the pipes themselves and water stains on the surfaces underneath and near the drains. If you find even one of these signs, it’s time to call in a professional plumber. Although it’s tempting and easy enough to turn a wrench, damage from a leaking drain may require cutting into walls and through floors if it’s extensive enough.
Not every leak is a sign that your drains should be replaced. Knowing what type of pipes you have, annual inspections and the occasional use of a commercial water softener will go a long way to keeping your drains and other plumbing in useful condition for many years to come.

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Reasons to Use Trenchless Pipe Bursting


Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of pipe bursting as an effective way to solve their sewage issues. The appeal of this trenchless technology is growing, although there are many who still aren’t quite sure what it entails and what the benefits are of using it. Here is why trenchless pipe bursting is great.

It’s Effective

While repairing a pipe traditionally is likely to sort out a sewage problem, there’s a chance it won’t completely put it to bed. However, pipe bursting can eliminate the prospect of future repairs since it installs a new pipe altogether. In the past, pipes were often constructed with clay or cast iron, which just isn’t long lasting. Clay cracks over time causing leaks, while cast iron rusts – both are also susceptible to root intrusion. But the material in modern pipes is much more equipped to deal with this. Most are now made with plastic PVC, which is much more durable and can withstand the pressures from earth movements and tree roots.

Moreover, pipe bursting can be used to upgrade your sewage system. When the old pipe is being blasted away, the hole expands for a short time, meaning a new pipe can be pulled through easily. It’s possible to take advantage of this by inserting a slightly wider pipe which will increase the flow capacity, putting less overall stress on the drainage system – no other trenchless method is able to achieve this.

It’s Easier

Ultimately, pipe bursting is just far much easier than other methods of repair. The traditional way of digging up a garden to insert new pipes is lengthy, costly and messy – and there are no discernible benefits to be gained from it. On the other hand, a trenchless solution like pipe bursting is great because not only does it replace the old pipe with a new one, but no digging is required to do so. Hence, the job can be done very quickly, without ruining the garden. Not to mention, far fewer workers are needed to complete the repair, which will save a lot of money.

It’s Safer

Pipe bursting brings with it very few risks. While plenty of force is used to blow the old pipes out of the way, since this is all taking place underground, it’s not doing any aesthetic damage. Also, when digging up a large land mass, an array of potentially toxic substances are going to be released into the atmosphere. Asbestos and moulds are notorious for laying here, and unless it’s unavoidable, it’s best to leave them out of harm’s way. Bringing them up to the surface could be very dangerous, particularly if they happen to get into the water stream.

It’s Cheaper

Everything considered, trenchless pipe bursting is simply the most cost-effective way to get your sewage system in good working order, especially if you have old pipes that will need replacing anyway. The headache of a full excavation is avoided, an upgrade to your system can be made, and because a modern PVC pipe is being installed, far less maintenance work will be needed in the decades that follow.

How to Maintain Industrial Drain System in Washington DC

Drain System

Sewer Pipe Line, Washington DC happens to be one of the busiest cities in the united states and this comes with its disadvantages especially in the drainage system. Any building needs a reliable drain to keep this polytechnic city clean and healthy. However, the hard truth is that a bigger percentage of the public don’t know how to maintain industrial sewer and drain pipe line system in Washington DC. This has caused major setbacks in the busiest parts of the city. Here is how an industrial draining Washington DC can be maintained:

1. For Sinks and Lavatories

Industrial drains can be hard to maintain since they serve many people and negligence can be a habit for the users. In the case of sinks and lavatories, you can maintain the system by simple not putting grease down the kitchen drainage since this solidifies and causes plugging. You should also minimize the organic solid waste that you put down the drain. You should always keep the pipe clear by flushing anytime you put food. In this case, you should avoid harsh cleaners since they give off harmful fumes when used and some can be poisonous. Apart from causing harm to the eyes and skin, they can also damage some types of pipes.

2. For Toilets

They are designed to dispose off both solid and water waste. However, foreign objects such as wood, plastic or other objects can cause blockage to the siphon area. You can maintain an industrial drain each time you clean your toilet bowl regularly with baking soda and vinegar.

Although a drainfield doesn’t really require maintenance, there are a few precautions that will help ensure proper functioning and a prolonged service life. Since industrial systems are busy than any other, extra water and compaction reduces the ability of wastewater to percolate through the soil. This prevents the drainfield from treating the wastewater the way it should.

3. Bathtubs and Showers


Bathtubs and showers are common in most industrial buildings in Washington DC and so keeping the drain system and pipe lining clear is key. Since the drains are largely inaccessible to the building owner, preventive maintenance is normally the best policy to adopt.

To avoid blockage and maintain the system, start by removing hair from the strainer in the shower. There comes a time when the drain plugs. This problem should always be solved in time since stagnant water can rot the pipes and cause a much bigger plumbing problem. You can use baking soda and vinegar or choose an organic cleaner that has zero effect to you and the pipes. You can also pull out the stopper and get rid of as much material as you can with a wire.

That said, maintaining an industrial drainage benefits the public at large. Doing this prevents the emergencies normally experienced in industrial buildings in Washington DC such as flooding, clogged drains and harmful chemicals. This is also the best way to avoid spending more money on reconstructing the entire system. Maintaining the drain in Washington DC has also been made easier thanks to the numerous companies now available. So always seek professional advice.

Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in Oregon

Whether you are a first-time buyer renting, downsizing or looking for a bigger place, Oregon has hoods to make you happy. Despite recording a 3.63% spike in population since 2010, Oregon’s real estate market hasn’t kept pace, and as a consequence, rents have surged.

Even though, predictions by the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis point to a brawnier housing industry recovering from the effects of the Great Recession. The high rentals are also expected to turn into a housing boom, as millennials, who make a big chunk of renters in Oregon, start purchasing homes.

Notably, homes situated in some hot locations, and which need significant upgrades and repairs may be viable investments with great potential for investors.
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5 Simple Steps to Trenchless Pipe Lining Repair

CIPP Technology

CIPP TechnologyAs you may have learned, trenchless is much better than trenched when it comes to most things, including pipe lining repair. There is no need to destroy a floor or lawn to access the trench, nor deal with the high financial and time costs to repair the pipes. There are many companies that have the expertise to help install or repair trenchless pipe linings. Regardless, if you would like the knowledge, or are an autodidact, here are the steps to install or repair the pipe lining with Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP). There are at least two ways to repair: 1) spray an epoxy lining on the defective area, or 2) reline the pipe with a CIPP.
We will elaborate on the second method below. The first method consisting of a Spray-on is very similar, but instead of applying a sturdy liner into the original pipe, only an epoxy coat is sprayed into it. This method does not last as long as CIPP. These processes can take up to a day and they do not require any removal of the broken pipe.

Step 1 – Assessment and Pipe Preparation

The whole process is done via a small opening area that is dug up.
– The pipe is disconnected and pipe inspection is made using a video camera to locate the areas of issue. This helps determine if lining is the best solution or if another repair method is better done before/instead.
– After the assessment, a high-pressure jet is used to thoroughly clean the pipe. This ensures that the lining can be installed properly without obstruction.
– Once the cleaning process is done, the video camera is inserted into the pipe again to confirm cleanliness.

Step 2 – Resin and Lining Preparation

– During the second pipe inspection, a length measurement is made and the exact length of lining material needed is noted. The liner is measured and cut to the right length. The liner is put on a gliding machine (much like the glider used at the cashiers).
– On a mobile lining rig, the epoxy resin mixture used for the lining is prepared. The resin is then poured onto the gliding machine with an “impregnator” roll that makes sure that the resin is flat and well-spread into the liner.

Step 3 – Liner Set-up

– The liner containing the resin mixture is put in a tank. This tank has a lever that spins and turns the liner into a roll (much like a toilet roll). The tank is then brought to the pipe opening area.
The tank is attached to the original pipe, and air is pushed into the pipe to push and install the flat liner.

Step 4 – Liner Expansion

– A tube that can be inflated is placed in the pipe where the liner is now found.
– Hot water is added to the tube so that it expands and rests tightly in the pipe. Water stays in the tube until—about an hour later—the resin is cured; in other words, the material hardens.
– The tube can then be deflated and removed.

Step 5 – Final Touch and Reconnection

– The extra liner poking out is trimmed from the pipe.
– A video inspection is performed for a third and last time to ensure that the lining was installed correctly.
– The pipe line is reconnected, and the opening point is refilled with soil.

The Best Bucks and Hens Parties in Koh Samui

Best Bucks and Hens Parties

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Best Corporate Airport Limo Car and Bus Service Provider in Chicago

Best Corporate Airport Limo Car

Travelling is really an adventurous experience in everyone’s life. When you decide to travel Chicago as a business or family trip, you want to make all arrangements in an effective manner. Most of the people will prefer to travel in the flights to attain Chicago destination. Once you reach the airport, you want to find the effective transport service. There are more numbers of Chicago Airport Transfers are ready to offer you the expected service at affordable rate. Once you book your vehicle, you can obtain timely service as per your needs. You don’t need to worry about last minute plan of Chicago journey. The service providers are ready to provide you the transport requirements at any time. You can travel long distance with the use of efficient car services. Travelers just need to call and book their ride. It will not take more time and efforts.
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Why It’s Important to Know About the Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement?

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to experience various kinds of repair problems in the home that need to be fixed. Sometimes keeping up with all of the little fixes can be time consuming and costly too. In some cases, the owner may also be tasked with taking care of very hefty jobs that will leave the home completely unlivable, especially sewer repairs that are not taken care of immediately. In fact, if the owner of the home or a family member discovers a sink hole in their yard that has an odd smell that cannot be ignored, the owner may find that an inspection from a specialist may require a sewer line replacement to correct the problem. Because sewer line replacements are major plumbing jobs that must be done as quickly as possible, today’s owners should make sure that they are familiar with the options that they have available in the industry. By completing the research and shopping around for different alternatives in advance, the homeowner can save both time and money when they make the best decision.
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