3 Things to Know About Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspection

The video camera technology is a revolution to the plumbing industry. A sewer camera inspection detects all the problems of the sewer line accurately and quickly. It has been important for the homeowners who always experience the sewer line problems. It may be a critical method that most of the people consider as a remodel in determining the conditions of the property. There are 3 things that people need to know about the sewer camera inspection. They include; Continue reading…

How to Choose a Perfect File Cabinet

File Cabinet

When one is working, you realise the value of having a proper filing cabinet. Certainly, less time is needed if the cabinet is organised in a way that all papers and files are easily accessible. It really helps matters if one has information and data that you need right there in front of you whenever it is required. On the other hand, if your cabinet is not arranged in a correct manner, looking for records and fact sheets can turn into a real nightmare. Continue reading…

Numbers Tell it All – Analytics Give You the Numbers


Reporting measurable results when creating budgets is nearly impossible without dedicated data analytics. Tracking just a few points through the most basic of software is a good first step, but as the “internet of things” grows, companies are going to have to expand their data collection strategies.

Currently, most businesses are tracking the success of email campaigns, online ads, and click-through rates. Now that consumers expect a better relationship with the organizations they interact with, those organizations need to meet the consumer when and where they expect interaction and deliver the experience the consumer needs.

For the past decade or more, consumers have been calling the shots. Now that technology is changing and innovative solutions are emerging, marketers are gaining ground and may overtake the consumer advantage. The next few years will determine how much control marketers take back and what they do with it. Discovering new ways to analyze data will be a major part of how this all plays out.

Upcoming trends

There’s a lot going on in analytics right now and more changes are coming. Here’s a look at what to look forward to and areas in which you need to be ready to adapt.

Anticipating Needs by Analyzing ALL Data

The internet has created a world that extends beyond mobile devices and PCs. In the coming years, customers are going to give up more of their privacy for the convenience of not having to make decisions. This means that someday, if not already, Geo location apps will track patterns and communicate those patterns to AI apps, and so on. Eventually, an AI interface will know that if you stopped into the drugstore this morning and purchased ibuprofen that your next stop will be for coffee. The AI may have already called in your double latte so that it will be waiting for you at the drive thru.

Or, you’re on a walk and you start playing an augmented or virtual reality game. It’s six o’clock and you’re about to pass a pizza joint that you order from regularly. If the pizza company is working with anticipatory analytics and marketing, it will send an ad with an incentive to your phone so that you’ll drop in and place your regular order.

Smart marketers will get a jump on this trend now before it happens, so they have the right data analysis practices in place when the wave hits. Expanding predictive analytics into anticipatory analytics will put marketers in a position to be able to make decisions for the consumer so that the culture of “I want it now” gets it now.

What this means for analytics is the consideration of all data. Rather than just tracking your click-through rates or how well an ad has performed, predictive and anticipatory analytics consider all of the many ways consumers are interacting with your brand – when, how, and most importantly, why. These forms of analytics will also increase positive feelings about your brand because it will be presented to the consumer at exactly the time that they want it.

Explanatory Analytics

Anticipatory analytics may be the next big thing, but engaging in explanatory analytics is what will make the difference between confusion and success.

Consumer behaviors are more fickle than ever, and if a company anticipates a need on based on predictive data that doesn’t actually lead to the expected customer behavior, there could be a backlash of disappointed – or even hostile – customers. Humans evaluating the data can prevent that.

Explanatory analytics uses the intuitive mind of the marketer, not a computer, to ask the questions that make the data make sense. The marketer reviews the data, formulates questions, and then runs data analysis again to find the answers.

Predictive analytics, for instance, might consider that the company’s target audience fits a certain demographic and then may report coincidental data that it has presumed makes that demographic tick. The resulting information, then, might not help marketers make the best decisions. If marketers from that point ask why the demographic would make a certain choice or for what reasons it wouldn’t or at what times it wouldn’t – they’d have a much better understanding of how to reach that demographic.

Explanatory analytics also gives marketers an advantage in knowing when to intervene to change the outcome of the predicted behaviors. Predictive analysis is not always, or well, equipped to answer that question. Only human intuition and creativity in asking the right questions can.

Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics are going to be more important going into 2017. The Direct Marketing Association reports that 70% of companies are not analyzing social data – but that they should be. Growing companies are upping their marketing budget for social media by 24% this year and that will continue to climb. Those companies will have the advantage as more social media outlets spring up to meet user demand.

Taking advantage of social media listening platforms can give you much better insight into your brand’s performance, or what your prospects care about than simple internet searches. These platforms cut out all of the spam that loads down your favorite search engine and finds only the true mentions and the real conversations that matter.

Marketers should be careful when evaluating data reported from social listening platforms and be sure that they are acting on the right factors. Many mistake coincidence, correlation and causality.

What Makes Analytics Unique?

Marketing without analytics in today’s tech-heavy world will result in minimal success at best. Other marketers, that are analyzing data, will outpace those that don’t very quickly. Moreover, the analytic tactics most companies are currently using are not going to be enough in the very near future.

Companies that review a wider scope of analytics from a variety of web sources with a consideration of unique devices will use data collected from those sources in correlation with its own to know when, where, and how to reach out to the potential consumer.

Analytics are going far beyond click-through rates and email tracking.  Consulting with an agency that has the right chops in analytics and reporting, will help you gain ground fast. In every top city, be it New York, Chicago or San Francisco, you are sure to find great agencies and service providers that can help you with their expertise in analytics service. Get ready to be on top of your data, and get ready for 2017!

Mobile & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly Website Design & Development That Converts

SEO Friendly Website Design

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the raising of web searches via mobile devices and tablets and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By automatically formatting a website depending on what device it is viewed on responsive design has been acknowledged as an answer to user experience testing, so far. The design approach has also been seen favorable for SEO because of this focus on multi-platform usability.

Contributing factors as to why optimizers and developers are taking responsive design seriously are the recent support from Google and the increase of web searches via mobile. Without SEO your web efforts are dead really.

Responsive Design is loved by Google

Anything Google says or does is a pass because everyone working in SEO treats Google as an almighty deity of the Internet. Google’s rules are strictly noted by the ultimate gatekeeper of how a website should be enhanced by search engines, optimizers to ensure that their website is created to the search engine’s preference.

SEO has jumped on the bandwagon and follow a design approach of responsive design when optimizing a website for smartphones and the reason being that it was suggested by Google.

Responsive design makes Google’s life easier and that is the fact of the matter why Google favors it. Additional website versions were necessary for the content to translate well on mobile devices and tablets to maintaining optimal user experience and that is according to this design approach.

Now, responsive design automatically adjusts a page in a way that webmasters can retain their content on the same URL no matter what device a website is displayed on.

In this case there is no requirements for them to crawl and index separate versions of the same site and this is less work for Googlebot (Google’s web crawling bot which crawls to discover new and updated pages to be added to the Google index). Chances that a website will be ranked higher in search results are increased if analyzing a website’s content is made easy for search engines, thus achieving the objective of SEO.

One Website, One URL

The necessity of a separate mobile version is figured out by the purpose of a website. However, involvement of more effort may occur in terms of SEO, having to create two optimization campaigns, an issue that SEO responsive web design can help to overcome.

Google recognizes sites created specifically for desktop or mobile and divides them accordingly in search results, depending on what device you are searching from and this is one thing to be aware of when considering mobile websites and SEO. And because of this it means that a website for mobile typically won’t rank as well in desktop SERPs. Starting an SEO strategy from scratch is required when creating a mobile version for an already optimized website because mobile websites have a different URL and HTML code Google will treat their page authority separately.

When considering backlinks and social shares there is a disadvantage that all the authority accumulated from the original website pages, won’t carry over to the mobile version. However, that problem is eliminated by responsive design as you only have one URL for that content which there will be no separate optimization campaigns needed to optimize for different devices.

Responsive design could be also being seen as a response to current day browsing and optimal sharing experience on the Internet via differing devices. SEO signals to search engines that your website is informative and of significance and his makes your information easier to share on the internet.

IT Enabling Food Packaging Machines to Work with Minimal Supervision.

IT Enabling Food Packaging Machines

The process from harvesting, processing to packaging of products we use in households is a delicate one, usually cut into many smaller bits for maintainability of quality and other standards that the customer is always on the lookout for. Finding a bone in supposedly boneless meat is one case which shows why everything needs to be checked to make sure only what is promised gets delivered, but this is not always necessary when a product comes to the packaging phase, thanks to leaps in IT innovations.

While it is perhaps one of the most quality critical stages in any production plant’s joint processes, it is also one that has the least need for supervision. All the subprocess we that ensure a correctly sealed bottle of product with the right label on it are done by automated machines, accurate to degrees that the human eye could never notice without training.

From filling containers with food produce to the exact measurement to whatever level they need to be, in the right weight for solids, and the correct volume for liquids, to sealing the cap and branding with appropriate names. All these processes have been seamlessly integrated into what seems to be the most efficient of methods ever, and the programming behind all this hinges on ever developing IT standards.

You wouldn’t be to blame if we caught you watching for hours on end, the process described in little detail and yet so intricate every bottle that comes after the very first in line for a day’s work will be identical to the rest. Trained human monitoring personnel seldom need to visit this section of a food packaging plant. When they do, it could be to re-calibrate machines, service moving parts and other chores indirect to the actual packaging of food. Most used filling machines like vertical form fill seal machines, Combination Weighers etc are today’s trend.

A case study would be that of an onion slicing, dicing, and packaging plant. While the preceding processes from picking to cutting of the bulbs into either slices or dices depending on the demand from customers always include watchful sets of eyes and hands continuously picking out some of the food from conveyer belts, the packaging stage has only robotic arms moving the food from substations where the food is packaged, weighed, and sent to storage without any human intervention required.

You can imagine the savings in both time and wage bill that a company utilizing that level of IT in the packaging process would encounter. The same can be achieved by any company with foresight and a food product with followers large enough to sustain such levels of production.

The good thing about such a setup is that all the other human critical processes get the attention they deserve, and in turn making a perfect product that customers will recognize amongst competition. This kind of perfection is not exclusive to food products only, solid packaging systems for washing powder and even play marbles for children that get the same amount of investments never go below the standards that they advertise to their loyal customers.

What Are the Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement?

Trenchless Sewer Repair

What comes to mind when you think about major home plumbing repairs? Do you see a long, difficult process that displaces you out of your own home? Do you get visions of large equipment camped out in your yard, or at least what’s left of it when they get through? Do you see money flying out the window? All of these responses are completely understandable, since this is how sewer repair used to be – a complicated, drawn-out, expensive process that seemed to be more trouble than it was worth.
That was then, this is now. Thankfully, many improvements have been made in the sewer line repair and replacement process. A method called trenchless sewer line replacement has completely revolutionized the plumbing industry. You no longer have to fear losing your yard to an enormous trench while costing you a fortune and making your home temporarily unusable.
Trenchless technology enables your pipes to be repaired or replaced through only one or two small holes, rather than a large trench that ruins your yard. The process involves a flexible tube that is coated in a liquid resin and inserted into the existing pipe. This tube is then inflated into place and allowed to harden. Once the tube hardens, it becomes a new pipe within the old one. Its diameter is slightly smaller, but this will not affect flow or performance.

Trenchless sewer lining has many advantages over the traditional method for many reasons, including:

•Drastically Less Digging

Gone are the days of the huge, landscape-killing trench that used to be the norm for sewer repair. Your plumber only needs a small access hole to perform the pipe replacement and your yard can remain almost completely intact.

•Cost Savings

Since there is no large trench to be dug, you will not need a large crew of specialized workers or the heavy equipment needed to dig the trench. This translates to tremendous savings on labor costs for you.

•Seamless New Pipes

Because of the way they are installed, your new pipes will not have any seams or joints that can come apart or be broken or form leaks. This is a big advantage over traditional pipes since it prevents problems such as root intrusion damaging your pipes, as well as giving you far less chance of cracks or leaks.


Fortunately, almost any kind of sewer system can use the trenchless method of pipe line replacement. Whether your pipes are old, corroded, cracked or leaking, a pipe liner can correct the problem and help regain your system’s functionality. Your plumbing professional can assess the situation and recommend a plan for the repairs.
Sewer line replacement no longer has to be the nightmare it once was. Through the technology of trenchless line repair, you can have the necessary repairs and/or replacements made and be back up and running in no time. This is especially valuable if you have a family depending on you. Contact your local plumbing professional for an evaluation of your home’s current system and a recommended plan of action. This is not something you want to put off, especially if you are noticing problems with flow or backup issues. Tackle the problems now before they become bigger and more expensive to remedy. It is important to the value and safety of your home as well as the safety and well-being of you and your family. Try trenchless today and be up and running again tomorrow!

Knowing When It’s Time To Replace Your Drains

Drain Repairing

Despite the best efforts of contractors and home owners, plumbing breaks and needs to be replaced. One of the first areas to give concern in any home are the drains. Replacing them can quickly run into hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are two simple steps you can take to ensure their lifespan and prevent a large repair and replacement bill.
First, check to see what your drain lines are made of. The two most common types of pipe in place are cast iron and polyvinyl chloride. If you’re scratching your head, it’s common name is PVC.
Cast iron is not used as much now, but it lasts for a long time and is still preferred by some home owners and contractors. Drain lines using CIPP are good for anywhere.
PVC is the most common type used in homes built over the last two decades. It is lighter and cheaper than cast iron but still resists cracking and penetration from tree roots very well. Drain lines made from PVC are considered solid for at least twenty-five to forty years.
For the drains that you cannot see, the realtor you purchased your home from might have the information. If not, you’ll need to hire a plumber to come in for a one-time inspection. This is a good idea to have accomplished whenever you consider buying a home.
Those are the considered the average lifespans. With a little care and maintenance, cast iron and PVC can last for many more years than what is listed above. The only reason that either system would fall short of their averages (other than physical damage) is the presence of hard water. The mineral content accelerates rust and corrosion.
If you do have hard water, the most efficient way to reduce the effects of mineral content buildup in your drains is the use of a commercial softener. One that is salt-free is more environmentally friendly and has the same effects as one with salt. Finally, if you catch a very foul odor coming from any of your drains, there’s a good chance that the sediment buildup has gotten past the point where a simple cleanout will do any good.
The next step is to check for leaks on a regular basis. If your home was constructed before 1960, it’s probably a good idea to make this an annual inspection. Don’t stop with the bathroom and kitchen sinks either. Make certain to check the laundry and utility rooms, the basement if you have one and every crawlspace that you can comfortably get into or at least can clearly see with a good flashlight.
Look for the following signs of corrosion in each drain pipe: Discoloration and flaking on the pipes themselves and water stains on the surfaces underneath and near the drains. If you find even one of these signs, it’s time to call in a professional plumber. Although it’s tempting and easy enough to turn a wrench, damage from a leaking drain may require cutting into walls and through floors if it’s extensive enough.
Not every leak is a sign that your drains should be replaced. Knowing what type of pipes you have, annual inspections and the occasional use of a commercial water softener will go a long way to keeping your drains and other plumbing in useful condition for many years to come.

Hens Parties in Koh Samui

Professional management

Even though many companies provide some genre of services for those who wish to celebrate the buck and hen party within the budget, clients of these companies were dissatisfied with a lack of professional management throughout the event. If you do not like to get such difficulty in your party, then you can make contact with a reliable company with a specialization on the most successful way to organize and manage the event from the beginning to end. You will be satisfied when you take note of every aspect of the professional service from an experienced team in this reliable company. This is because the most competitive prices of premium services as per overall requirements of clients.

The most popular packages revealed by this reputable company attract adults who have geared up for their buck or hen party arrangement conveniently. You can listen to different aspects of all these packages in detail. If you have done it, then you can get an overview about how you organize the most expected buck or hen party by using the professional service from this qualified team. You will be satisfied with an easy way to realize your ideas about the party.

Reasons to Use Trenchless Pipe Bursting


Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of pipe bursting as an effective way to solve their sewage issues. The appeal of this trenchless technology is growing, although there are many who still aren’t quite sure what it entails and what the benefits are of using it. Here is why trenchless pipe bursting is great.

It’s Effective

While repairing a pipe traditionally is likely to sort out a sewage problem, there’s a chance it won’t completely put it to bed. However, pipe bursting can eliminate the prospect of future repairs since it installs a new pipe altogether. In the past, pipes were often constructed with clay or cast iron, which just isn’t long lasting. Clay cracks over time causing leaks, while cast iron rusts – both are also susceptible to root intrusion. But the material in modern pipes is much more equipped to deal with this. Most are now made with plastic PVC, which is much more durable and can withstand the pressures from earth movements and tree roots.

Moreover, pipe bursting can be used to upgrade your sewage system. When the old pipe is being blasted away, the hole expands for a short time, meaning a new pipe can be pulled through easily. It’s possible to take advantage of this by inserting a slightly wider pipe which will increase the flow capacity, putting less overall stress on the drainage system – no other trenchless method is able to achieve this.

It’s Easier

Ultimately, pipe bursting is just far much easier than other methods of repair. The traditional way of digging up a garden to insert new pipes is lengthy, costly and messy – and there are no discernible benefits to be gained from it. On the other hand, a trenchless solution like pipe bursting is great because not only does it replace the old pipe with a new one, but no digging is required to do so. Hence, the job can be done very quickly, without ruining the garden. Not to mention, far fewer workers are needed to complete the repair, which will save a lot of money.

It’s Safer

Pipe bursting brings with it very few risks. While plenty of force is used to blow the old pipes out of the way, since this is all taking place underground, it’s not doing any aesthetic damage. Also, when digging up a large land mass, an array of potentially toxic substances are going to be released into the atmosphere. Asbestos and moulds are notorious for laying here, and unless it’s unavoidable, it’s best to leave them out of harm’s way. Bringing them up to the surface could be very dangerous, particularly if they happen to get into the water stream.

It’s Cheaper

Everything considered, trenchless pipe bursting is simply the most cost-effective way to get your sewage system in good working order, especially if you have old pipes that will need replacing anyway. The headache of a full excavation is avoided, an upgrade to your system can be made, and because a modern PVC pipe is being installed, far less maintenance work will be needed in the decades that follow.

How to Maintain Industrial Drain System in Washington DC

Drain System

Sewer Pipe Line, Washington DC happens to be one of the busiest cities in the united states and this comes with its disadvantages especially in the drainage system. Any building needs a reliable drain to keep this polytechnic city clean and healthy. However, the hard truth is that a bigger percentage of the public don’t know how to maintain industrial sewer and drain pipe line system in Washington DC. This has caused major setbacks in the busiest parts of the city. Here is how an industrial draining Washington DC can be maintained:

1. For Sinks and Lavatories

Industrial drains can be hard to maintain since they serve many people and negligence can be a habit for the users. In the case of sinks and lavatories, you can maintain the system by simple not putting grease down the kitchen drainage since this solidifies and causes plugging. You should also minimize the organic solid waste that you put down the drain. You should always keep the pipe clear by flushing anytime you put food. In this case, you should avoid harsh cleaners since they give off harmful fumes when used and some can be poisonous. Apart from causing harm to the eyes and skin, they can also damage some types of pipes.

2. For Toilets

They are designed to dispose off both solid and water waste. However, foreign objects such as wood, plastic or other objects can cause blockage to the siphon area. You can maintain an industrial drain each time you clean your toilet bowl regularly with baking soda and vinegar.

Although a drainfield doesn’t really require maintenance, there are a few precautions that will help ensure proper functioning and a prolonged service life. Since industrial systems are busy than any other, extra water and compaction reduces the ability of wastewater to percolate through the soil. This prevents the drainfield from treating the wastewater the way it should.

3. Bathtubs and Showers


Bathtubs and showers are common in most industrial buildings in Washington DC and so keeping the drain system and pipe lining clear is key. Since the drains are largely inaccessible to the building owner, preventive maintenance is normally the best policy to adopt.

To avoid blockage and maintain the system, start by removing hair from the strainer in the shower. There comes a time when the drain plugs. This problem should always be solved in time since stagnant water can rot the pipes and cause a much bigger plumbing problem. You can use baking soda and vinegar or choose an organic cleaner that has zero effect to you and the pipes. You can also pull out the stopper and get rid of as much material as you can with a wire.

That said, maintaining an industrial drainage benefits the public at large. Doing this prevents the emergencies normally experienced in industrial buildings in Washington DC such as flooding, clogged drains and harmful chemicals. This is also the best way to avoid spending more money on reconstructing the entire system. Maintaining the drain in Washington DC has also been made easier thanks to the numerous companies now available. So always seek professional advice.