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50 + Web 2.0 Ways to tell a story. Wiki created by Alan Levine in which he provides an organised list of free web tools for creating multimedia stories in the web.

Abhivyakti – Media for Development. Based in India. Provides training and services on community and alternative media, including video production.

BBC Film making Guide for short films – Not specifically for social activism but provides a basic overview of  the film making  process from scriptwriting to post-production.

CEFREC/Video en Bolivia – The Cinematography Education and Production Center (CEFREC) was founded in 1989 in La Paz, Bolivia. Its primary mission is to facilitate technical training in film and video for the indigenous peoples of Bolivia and to assist in producing and distributing their work.

Channel 19 – Channel 19 is an independent on-line network to distribute, promote and support community-produced media in the developing world. Their videos are about social, economic and local issues the communities want to address within their own community. Is run by Video Volunteers.

Documentary Open Skool (DOS) – With the common belief that film as a medium of progressive positive change can only be attained through the widespread understanding of the medium as an art-form and the willingness to create forms within films that analyse and discourse. Documentary Open Skool as an open networking platform of amateur and aspiring film makers has been working in Nepal since 2008.

DoGooderTV – DoGooderTV enables non-profit organizations to present new videos and existing media assets to new audiences and to use a highly functional video platform for free. DoGooderTV gives non-profits control of the presentation of their videos and gives viewers a direct way to donate to the organization, join, or volunteer.

EngageMedia – is a video sharing site focusing on social justice and environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific. It is a space for critical documentary, fiction, artistic and experimental works that challenge the dominance of the mainstream media. The EngageMedia Collective developed Critical Commons using the free, open source content management system, Plumi. – A broadband TV channel for environmental films bringing together films from a range of environmental organisations and independent film makers.

Human Rights Films Network – is a partnership of human rights film festivals around the world, The Network promotes exchange, communication and collaboration regarding the representation of human rights issues in moving pictures.

Human Rights TV – a web television channel devoted to Human Rights activities. Human Rights TV provides a free service to individuals, free at the point of entry, free at the point of viewing.

Impact series – is series of videos created by Working Films and The Fledgling Fund focused on building film campaigns that ignite social change.

Kabul At Work – a multi-media project, led by a joint international and Afghan crew collecting interviews, photographic portraits and video shorts of the people of Kabul in their working environments.

Lights. Camera. Help – US organisation based in Austin, Texas centred around an annual film festival for non-profits.

Media that Matters – The Media That Matters Film Festival is the première showcase for short films on the most important topics of the day. Local and global, on-line and in communities around the world, Media That Matters engages diverse audiences and inspires them to take action.

Message in-a-box –  gives you everything you need to make and distribute your own media. This website covers A Strategy for Making MediaPrintImages, AudioInternet, Video, and Mobiles. Each section includes information, references, links and inspiring case studies that show how the right tools and tactics can be used to make media with impact. Message in-a-box also provides open source software tools to make our own media and video and text ‘how-to’ guides that tell you how to do this. Run by the Tactical Technical Collective.

Metamorphosis – is a specialized unit, dedicated to providing communication solutions to the social and development sector. Their work includes film, photography and training. They are based in Delhi, India.

OneWorldTV – is a unique public platform for film makers, video journalist, NGOs and just about anyone with an interest in video and a concern for a better world.

Promedios de comunicación comunitaria – provides video and computer equipment and training to indigenous and campesino communities in Chiapas and Guerrero, Mexico.

The Human Rights Media Institute (HRMI) – is a Montreal based non-profit, dedicated to teaching skills in Print, Web, Radio and Video. The Institute aims to transfer skills to communities by providing the space and equipment needed to produce media.

Transmission – is a network of citizen journalists, video makers, artists, researchers, programmers and web producers who are developing on-line video distribution tools for social justice and media democracy.

UnnayanTV – UnnayanTV is the Bangladesh first on-line video channel which will publish regularly video contents on popular culture, development, human rights, educational and environmental issues of Bangladesh.

Video Activist Network Resources -resources on videotaping, editing, etc.

Videomaker – information to improve your skills in video production. You will find hundreds of articles about audio/video software, video editing hardware, and help with video lighting techniques.

WITNESS – uses video and on-line technologies to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations. This organization also provides training to core partners teaching how to document human rights violations. On their site, training material (tips on shooting video, camera movements, sound, etc.) is provided such as the book Video for Change: A How-To Guide on Using Video in Advocacy and Activism. Also see The Hub for WITNESS video sharing and action platform.

YouTube Non-Profit Programme – Channel exclusively for NGOs. Only available in the UK and USA.

YouTube Video Volunteers – video channel for non-profits putting them in contact with film makers who can lend them their services. It is linked to the ‘All for Good’ volunteer website.

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