Photographic campaigns, exhibitions & collections

The Aftermath Project – a non-profit organization focused on broadening the story telling of conflict and post-conflict societies. The Aftermath Project holds a yearly grant competition open to working photographers worldwide covering the aftermath of conflict. In addition, through partnerships with universities, photography institutions and non-profit organizations, the Project seeks to help broaden the public’s understanding of the true cost of war— and the real price of peace — through international travelling exhibitions and educational outreach in communities and schools.

Arts and Media Centre – works in refugee camps in Palestinian Occupied Territories to enhance the development and sustainability of arts and media projects at the grass-roots level. The project is supported by  the HOPING Foundation.

Arts and Media Centre has been established by Lajee Centre in Aida Camp

Bhopal gas disaster (Magnum & Greenpeace) – Raghu Rai, who covered the world’s worst industrial disaster in Bhopal, India in 1984, returned 17 years later. His work was published in the book “Exposure” for Greenpeace International, 2002.

The BoP Project – the ‘Base of the Economic Pyramid’ Project aims to discover, document and share stories of remarkable social entrepreneurs, enterprises and innovations that are redefining poverty alleviation. Through visual journalism and media, teach people about the growing BoP movement and the viable alternatives to traditional aid.

Days with my father – moving and intimate collection by Philip Toledano on the ageing and death of his father.

Denied Citizens (World Heath Organisation) – Human rights violations against people with mental disorders occur in communities throughout the world – in mental health institutions, hospitals, and in the wider community.

The Detainee Project – a site focused on the treatment of detainees in Iraq. At the center of this project is the legal work being done by Susan Burke and her associates of Burke O’Neil LLC in Philadelphia, the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York, and Akeel and Valentine in Detroit.

Flashes of Hope – project focusing on children with cancer and other life threatening diseases.

FotoEvidence – promoting the documentation of human rights violations using photography. Has an annual book award.

Human Rights Watch – collection of photo essays and audio slide shows.

A People War – trilogy of books (with accompanying exhibitions) of photographs documenting the 10 year conflict in Nepal.

Stories of tragedy and hope (World Health Organisation) – series of feature stories about people living with HIV/AIDS.

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