Video campaigns, exhibitions & collections

Amnesty International Secretariat Audio and Video. Selection of Audio and Video documents on human rights issues.

Amnesty International TV on You Tube.  Videos produced by the organisation on human rights.

Global Lives – is an international collaboration of film makers whose goal is to encourage cultural education and understanding through technology. The project aims to collaboratively build a video library of human life experience that reshapes how producers and viewers conceive cultures, nations and people outside of their own communities.

Human Rights Video Project – a national library project created to increase the public’s awareness of human rights issues through the medium of documentary films. To that end, they have curated a collection of 12 documentary films on human rights issues. The project also encourages collaborations between public libraries and human rights advocacy organizations to present film screenings and discussion programs.

Human Rights Watch Videos – videos published and produced by this human rights organization.

International Law Video Library – brings material from around the world to one location and was conceived as a tool to assist people in contextualizing their understanding of international law by making available, over the internet, videotaped sequences of specific themes within the discipline of international law.

Just Vision – is a non-profit organization that informs local and international audiences about under-documented Palestinian and Israeli joint civilian efforts to resolve the conflict non-violently. Using media and educational tools, they raise awareness in order to encourage civic participation in grass-roots peace building. In 2009, Just Vision produced Budrus , an award-winning feature documentary film about a Palestinian community organizer, Ayed Morrar, who unites local Fatah and Hamas members along with Israeli supporters in an unarmed movement to save his village of Budrus from destruction by Israel’s Separation Barrier.

Original Minds Film – Five teenagers stigmatized by being in Special Ed. struggle to articulate how their brains work, and discover that they are smarter than they thought. They work intensively with the film maker to tell their own stories.

Oxfam (UK) Channel on You Tube. Videos produced by this aid and development organization.

Population Media Center (PMC) – strives to improve the health and well-being of people around the world through the use of entertainment-education strategies, like serialized dramas on radio and television, in which characters evolve into role models for the audience for positive behavior change.

Protect the Human – it is an Amnesty International UK’ s project. This site was designed to make really easy to find human rights video, links and images from around the web and to share your own finds with the community of users here.

The Hub – is an interactive community for human rights, where you can upload videos, audio or photos, or simply watch, comment on and share what’s on the site. It is a project of  Witness. Through the Hub, individuals, organizations, networks and groups around the world are able to bring their human rights stories and campaigns to global attention and to mobilize action to protect and promote human rights.

Witness – uses video and online technologies to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations.

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